Saturday, May 31, 2008

Circle Journal - "Seasons" - my pages

This is my double page layout for a circle journal entitled "Seasons". Bascially asking "what is your favourite season and why?".
Click on the image for a bigger version! The photograph has come in a little bit small on this here blog! LOL
I kept this double page layout simple.. in keeping with the entries before mine in this particular journal, so there are no hidden bits such as hidden journaling. I did dust off the Craft Robo to cut the title though.
The Sunset was taken a few years ago by leaning out of my then craft room window and looking to the west (of course! LOL) one autumn evening. The tree in thre second photograph is at the front of the house we moved to and are living in at the moment. I think the red leaves against the blue sky are fantastic.
The paper used at the top of both (6x6) pages was a freebie from a magazine. It was a UK publication called "12x12 Scrapbooking Magazine". So you can guess what size the magazine was!
Unfortunately I don't think it lasted long as a publication as it's long since disappeared. I bought my copy of the magazine at a scrapbooking fair back in 2004 and I haven't seen hide nor hair of it since!
This is a shame because it's selling point was the free papers within the magazine and, of course they were supposed to be 12x12". However when I came to actually use the paper in the circle journal above, I couldn't cut 2 full pieces of 6x6 paper from it!
Therefore the useable paper was obviously not 12x12"... maybe that's why it is no more!

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