Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swirls like Two Scoops

Apparently it was National Vegetarian Week last week here in the UK!

Did anyone else know that!

Hmmm... I think it's a classic case of "Notta lotta people know that!" (spoken in Cockney London accent) to quote our famous Michael Caine (although I understand that he didn't actually say that! LOL... a bit like the infamous "Beam me up Scottie" quote that never actually happened either!) But I digress!

Anyway... the reason for bringing this up, has nothing to do with vegetarianism... I for one, have always been, and always will be a meat-eater... sorry all you veggies out there!

Nope, I witter on here because when I saw the pamphlet for the event, I thought the graphics looked somewhat familiar!

As you can see from the photograph... the swirls are very similar to the Basic Grey "Two Scoops" c0llection, and I have placed the packaging for the stamps beside the pamphlet!

What d'ya fink then? Are they extremely alike or am I losing it? LOL

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