Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can you keep it simple?

Simple Scrapbooking... can you keep it all down to a minimum? Can you stop yourself from over embellishment?

Are you page layouts clutter free?

Well personally I like the touchy feeliness of it all, but it's good to simplify once in a while.

As I mentioned in the last post, I am creating some layouts for my demo to the ScrapBuddies Group in a couple of weeks and they will be based on the book "Clean and Simple Scrapbooking" and "Clean and Simple Scrapbooking - the Sequel" by Cathy Zielske.

Cathy's design style (are there's that style thingy again!) is more often than not, to use black and white photographs on her layouts. Of course, when you use B&W photos, the choice of colours for the rest of the page is entirely up to you... bascially anything goes!

Well I have to say (and sorry Cathy, but...) I think that's a bit of an "easy way out".

I know scrapbooking is supposed to be enjoyable and not a chore, and B&W obviously works well for Cathy, but most of our photos are in colour are they not?

Of course, we can drain the colour from any of our digital photos in a snap (or should I say, a click) but we are stuck with all those taken prior to the age of Digital photography.
So the real challenge is to get the colour ones to look good in a "graphic design".

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