Thursday, May 29, 2008

Advertisement Inspiration!

It's funny how trends come and go! The Scrapbooking trend is definitely come to stay for the moment.

These are some pages I found recently. The first is from a clothes catalogue which came through the post. I think they are trying to appeal to us scrapbookers... what do you think?

The inside front cover (left page) is "trying" to be a scrapbooking layout, me thinks... and the facing page looks like a cross between a scrapbooking page and a sketch for one.

Anyway, I tore them out of the catalogue as I thought I may "Scraplift" them for the fun of it... I'll find some summery pictures and copy these pages.

But there is a lot of it about... inspiration I mean! Look at the second photograph here.

I tore this one out of a magazine (a home decor mag I think it was). It's a lovely graphic design page with some of the images "spilling" out of the borders of their pictures.

And, if you look carefully, the borders cut through a larger picture in the middle... a techique I have seen on a number of scrapbooking layouts, a lot of those being digital.

Anyway, again I fancy scraplifting this one!

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