Friday, May 30, 2008

Search your Stash!

Sounds a bit like a game show doesn't it... "Search your Stash"?!

But actually, this is just a little reminder to look through what you already have!

"What for?" you may ask.

Well because a lot of us actually forget what we have, especially when we have recently acquired new stash and have been avidly using. But when the mojo goes... sometimes just reopening all those boxes and folders and little containers inspires us into action.

So don't forget to "Search your Stash" (said in your best "Come on down", game show host sort of way - voice! LOL).

There's lots of inspiration right there in your craft room/spare room/or wherever you keep it all!

Oh and don't forget the bits you stuffed in a cupboard quickly so that your other half didn't see you'd bought "yet more" stash! LOL

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