Friday, February 22, 2008

Chivalry is not Dead!

Well I had another flat tyre on my car this morning, on the way to taking Honey to nursery!

Same tyre as before (front near side(left!)), went down last December. It was repaired as apparently there was nothing wrong with it and it had "most probably come off the rim" so the garage reset the tyre onto the rim then and I have been driving on it ever since!

Ironically it was the wheel on the other side (front off side) that I was keeping an eye on over the last couple of days as I suspected that one of deflating slowing!! The trouble is, as you can see from the photo, my tyres are soooo low-profile it is actually difficult to judge whether they are slightly flat or not!!!!

"Does that tyre look low to you?" I ask my hubby,
"I don't know, they all look low to me!" he retorts! LOL

Anyway, the reason for this post is not to explain about my tyres, but to tell you of the chivalrous behaviour of two men who came to my aid!

I pulled the car over into a slip road-type layby, because I just knew what had happened and wanted a flat area away from the busy road to jack the car up, especially with a 4 year old hanging around the car (who of course can't be in it whilst it's on a jack!)
Thankfully it was only a about a hundred yards or so till I stopped (still managed to ruin the tyre though!).

I got the bits out and started to attempt to undo the wheel nuts! Joke! They were on too tight!
"Hey ho" I thought "I need to ring my hubby to see if he can pop out to help, failing that it's a call to the AA!"
Well my hubby said he was just waiting for his staff to arrive in the office and he would be along as soon as he could (only about 5 miles away).

In the meantime I found another (Longer) spanner for my wheel nuts and so, standing with all my weight (and I'm no cream puff I can tell you! LOL!) the nuts eventually started to give way!
I was just undoing the first when a van pulled up and two chaps got out and asked if they could be of assistance!!!

"Wow" I thought, "how nice of them!" They were travelling to a property only a few hundred yards away (from where I had pulled over) to put up some fencing and had seen that I was trying to change a wheel, so they stopped!

They changed the wheel over very quickly and were just tightening the last nut when my hubby arrived!!! (I had telephoned, but he had already left the office).

So as the title says... chivalry is not dead... someone came to my aid and I was, and am very thankful, and so was my hubby.

And as they gave us a business card I will say a BIG THANK YOU again to Rory Clifford of Down To Earth Landscaping based in Bungay, Suffolk Tel: 01986 896623 and his co-worker (sorry don't know his name!) who came to mine and my daughter's aid this morning!

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