Saturday, February 02, 2008

Inspirational Words

It seems to be common practise that words are used as inspiration for a scrapbooking layout, or any other craft for that matter, purely on the merit of the interpretation of the word itself.

In other words, choose a word and scrap a page, or tag, or even a whole mini album, just about that word, or what it means to you, or how it has effected your life, etc, etc.

Now I used to think, as possibly a lot of you do that creating a scrapbooking page (for instance) purely for this reason was a waste of scrapping time when there are all those photos sitting in their boxes waiting to be used.

Well I suppose the answer to that one is combine the two. Choose a word and then match some photos to it, or find some photos and just use one word as your inspiration for the resulting layout!

So to this end... my Inspirational Word for today (this may become a regular feature?!) is CHANGE.

Here is a link to a similar type "Inspirational Word(s)" collection at the Paper Pesto blog - this link takes you to their No 8 tag using the word CHANGE.

Here is a link to a website... Inspirational Words of Wisdom and to the page full of "Change Quotes - A collection of change quotes which are inspirational".

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