Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mother's Day Cards

Well the time is nigh in the UK for Mother's day... yes it's on 2nd March this year (this Sunday) which is a good 3 weeks earlier than normal!

Well I'm not ready am I! tut!

Mum will be so disappointed if she didn't get one this year, so I hurridly put a "normal" but very humorous card in the post this evening, just in case I don't manage to make one in time for the post to get it to her before the day!

And I don't want to rush it do I?!

This photo is of the Mother's Day card I made for Mum last year. She is really into green and very much soft greens and pinks. I always like to put a photograph on this card, it makes it so much more personal!
I hope you are a little better organised than I and have already made your card!

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