Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make a montage - use up your photo frames

I was doing a bit of tidying up (rare thing I know but has been known to happen LOL!) and I came across a couple of photo frames that I have been given - some of them my hubby had rescued from someone throwing them out which have naff prints in them. (Only the best for me! LOL)

I was keeping them for a nice photograph, 5x7 or 8x10" size, you know the sort of thing.

Well I thought "why don't I just make up a montage of a few photos to place in these frames!"

So, that is what I shall be doing! I will probably use a digital layout format, although as long as no raised embellishments are used, I could make up a montage using traditional scrapbooking techniques.

The difference between what I am suggestion here and a scrapbook page...?

Well a straight montage is just a collection of photos placed together really, as opposed to a scrapbook layout which includes other things, but I will probably do a bit of both.

So if you have some unused frames that you would like to have displaying something rather than stuck in a drawer waiting... why not arrange a 2 or 3 photos on a piece of background paper instead of waiting for one big photo. You can always replace the montage when you find that photo that's just right... but I bet you won't want to!

The photos here are just a couple more of my Inde. The one below where he's jumping all over me trying to lick my face, hence the expression, was taken by my daughter! (with my Digital SLR! - and yes I always make her put the strap around her neck, because it's heavy and prone to being dropped by little hands!!)

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