Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keep a Notebook for your Scrapbook

By notebook, I do actually mean the old fashioned little notebook made of paper and not the fancy pants laptop technology that is available today! LOL

I have mentioned this TIP before, but some things are worth reiterating - it is a really useful habit to keep a notebook handy at all times to scribble down those little conversations one has some days (usually noteworthy ones with children) which you can scrap at a later date.

These are great for those pages with either no photo, or a photo you really want to use (of the person(s) in the conversation) but have nothing specific to use it for.

Your notebook need be nothing more than a "value" notebook bought in packs of 5 at your local supermarket, it's just a piece of paper when you need one (and of course carry some sort of pen). Both of these I carry in my handbag at all times, along with various other things like a veritable pharmacy and a nappy bag and a spare pair of my daughter's knickers! The things we keep in our handbags, eh!!!

Something my daughter said recently I wrote down...

I asked her what she was doing and she said..."I brushing Harley, because he's melting"!

Anyway, the pic here is just an up to date picture of Inde, who is now just over 6 months old and training up well!


Katy said...

aww he is a beauty, he looks so proud sitting there bless him.

Great idea about the note book, thats on the top of my list now, as i always want to write things down to remember but forget.

great idea thanks.

Katy xx

Di Hickman said...

ooooh how cute is that pup! ADorable!!!!