Thursday, February 14, 2008

Page Accents - Use up those scraps

The theme for my crop this weekend is Page Accents. I did a workshop about them last year at ScrapBuddies and I think most of the group got on well with them.

The great thing about them is that it is a good excuse to use up all those scraps. Things like odd alphas and left over bits of sets of embellishments can be used up willy-nilly!

There are a number of ways to get started with Page Accents, but I have found the best way is to collect some bits together based on colours first. Them make up some accents large or small with the colour as your starting point.

Another way is to pick out a particular embellishment you wish to work with and find items and papers to match in with it.

I find it best to stay away from specific themes, ie, baby, holidays (vacations), etc. You can always add specifics when you use the accent on a page or card. Words like "inspire" or "fun"... ambigious words, are good to use as they can cover a multitude of themes.

Best thing to do is just gather your bits and tip them all out on the table and dive straight in. And another refreshing thing to take advantage of is to try to make them up as you go along! Don't plan too much, as I have mentioned before. Grab bits, throw them together, stick it together and then look! It's a good way to "just do it" - and besides if it's really that bad... you've only used scraps!

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