Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh So Frosty! - Photography

Ah, the simple cobweb... they always look beautiful when frosted or dew laden don't they?!

I took this photograph yesterday morning... for two reasons.

One was because I know that our frosts don't stay for long and I need some "cold" pictures for variety of scrapping and possible Christmas card uses, so I dashed outside whilst amidst sorting out my daughter to get ready for nursery. Standing in the cold without a coat on snapping away.
The second reason was to enter a picture in this month's photography contest on UKScrappers. The theme being capture the moment. I've also posted another photo, just for fun...!
Yes, it a "mid Yawn" shot of my Jack Russell "Toffee" taken on Sunday in the lovely sunshine.
I have to say that most of the time my camera... which is a Fuji S602Z... is mostly set to automatic "everything" and does me proud!
I did buy that particular model because it had manual focus, but I use it very little to be honest. However, one of the reasons for that is that it is actually quite difficult to see the slight variances in the sharpness of the focus mainly, I assume, due to the reproduction of the image in the viewfinder!
But still, that camera was one of the best £400 I have ever spent (circa 2003 - in time for the birth of my daughter!)

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Katy said...

ow wow i love the pictures of the frosted cobwebs they look wicked, great picture to enter :)

Good luck. x