Saturday, February 16, 2008

Page Accents - quick easy scrapbooking layouts

Well this is a much shorter post than it was!!! Blogger strikes again cos all my text and pictures just disappeared! How annoying is that!!! arrggh!

So I am rewriting it, but a shorter version!

Here are two layouts I made today at the ScrapBuddies Crop. They were made to show how quickly you can put a page together using only a photo, few scraps and a page accent.

In both I made the page accents first and then came across the photos to match in. The rest were only a few embellishments or scraps of card ... et voila!

Ideal for quick pages, especially as the trend at the moment is to keep it minimalist and for lots of blank space!

I've used up some freebie items from packs, like stickers. The "ribbon and danglies" at the bottom of the 2nd page is purchased from a sewing shop! Don't know but I think it is supposed to hang around the bottom of a lampshade!!! LOL!

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