Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas "Thank You" Cards

I have just finished my daughter's thank you cards!

Although I have yet to write in them and she has yet to sign them!!

Hopefully doing that tomorrow, but it appears we are off to see another panto tomorrow lunchtime in Norwich, same price tickets as the last one (see previous post) but I am hoping that the production is going to be a LOT better! Unfortunately we are upstairs in the gallery, so no chance of a stage visit again! Will let you know how it was!

Anyway, list of items used on this digi card...

Frame and bow by Cinzia Loosemore
Swirl overlays by Lauren Bavin.

I printed this in the corner of an A4 sheet with the "Dear" and "from" on the opposite corner (and upside down) and folded it in half twice - does that make sense? LOL

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