Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Digital 12x12 scrapbooking layout

Following on from yesterday's post, this picture is of the background (made from photographing my daughter's painting) now made up into a 12x12 page.

The idea for the page was an In-Team challenge (from my UKS team) and that was to scrap a view from one of our windows.

It's funny though... I'm not that happy with it, but that is mainly because I am very slow at making the pages. As I do't do that many at the moment, remembering how to change the colour of elements to match the background paper, for instance, is a matter of going to some websites to refresh my memory! That takes time! So it's a bit "make do" and belies the actual work behind it!

Then I don't have the equivalent amount of digital stash as I do in "hard" stash (as in hard copy!). So I find it a bit frustrating as I know I could do it better by hand. Still I will only learn and become faster by practising right!

In case you can't read it fro the low res picture here, the journaling reads as follows:...

Here are two photographs which show a sort of before and after.The top picture shows the expansive view outside my craft/office window at my last house, and the bottom picture shows the view I have now.
The reason for the title of this page..?The house we live in now cost half the price of the last one!
Why did we move...?
Because we now have no mortgage and have the money to go on holidays, send Honey to a lovely nursery, go out for lunch, get takeaways...all those social things, which... for the moment, are more important than the our views!

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