Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scrapbooking LOTS of photos

Here is a link to an article from the website. There are 5 tips (from DCWV company apparently) showing 5 sketches and their corresponding finished layouts. The sketches are for for between 4 and 6 photos to a page.

It’s worth remembering why scrapbooking started… it was to record the contents of photographs and momentos… right? It is only recently that it appears to have taken on it’s own life as an “art form” and as beautiful as a single embellished photograph is on a page, it doesn’t get us very far down our stack of pictures, now does it!

So basically we need to "pack 'em in" and "use up" as many photos as possible and as quickly as possible if we are to make a dent in the pile (on our computers or sitting in bags and boxes).
So to that end I shall endeavour to bring you articles and sketches for multiple photo page layouts, so that we can get on and enjoy that feeling of having to take more photos to scrap... like that's ever going to happen! LOL!
The layout pictured is an 8x8 page and contains 5 pictures. A good way to save space for more photos on a page is to put the journaling behind the photos (hidden journaling) - in this case it is a tag which slides behind the main photograph.

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Scrapdolly said...

A piece of great advice. It IS about the photos. (Karen Russell said the same at her classes at the weekend too) I will be trying to pack more pictures onto my pages more often