Sunday, January 27, 2008

Horse Riding - her first lesson

Well, you just know I have got to scrapbook these photos!

Yes, my daughter having her first riding lesson. Not the first time she has been on a horse by any means. In fact she and I made a paperbag book about her first proper ride on a pony of suitable size for her ... called frosty.

Coindentally her first "paid for" lesson was on a white pony too... this time called "Smartie" - short for Smartie Pants, we were informed!!

Thankfully, Smartie was a quiet little pony and the young girl leading him was attentive to Honey and polite, and the young woman teaching was warm and gentle with the little ones (there were 3 little girls in the lesson in total).

The Stables were well-kept, neat and tidy with healthy looking horses and ponies and all the staff were friendly and welcoming.

Honey, of course, was a bit miffed she couldn't stay longer (half an hour lesson) and really didn't want to come home, but we promised she could go again next Sunday. "I don't want to come back next week... I want to come again tomorrow!"

The Stables are called Pakefield Riding School in Pakefield, near Lowestoft (Suffolk, England that is!) and here is a link to their contact details, and we have already booked her next lesson!

So I think I will have to start an album, just to document Honey's Horse Riding exploits. And you never know... I may even get back on a horse myself, although after having my own horses (one at a time you understand!) it's difficult to hire a strange one for a short period of time.

What I would really like to do is learn western riding, and places are few and far between here in England of course!

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