Friday, January 25, 2008

Such a good boy!

This is not particularly about scrapbooking I realise, but I was so pleased with Inde today that I thought I would blog it!!

I was pleased because I walked all the way home with him through the housing estate WITHOUT his lead on! and he did exactly as he was told.

When he strayed a little bit ahead (ie just a few feet) I said "Heel" and he dropped back to my side! Waited when I told him when crossing the road, etc. Fantastic.

Admittedly there was only one man fiddling with (stop it!! LOL) his car, which Inde ignored, that could have distracted him, but I thought for a 5 month old pup, he was brilliant!! I'm a proud mum!

I took this picture about an hour ago with the Digital camera we bought our daughter! Mine is a bit bulky to take on a dog walk!

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