Thursday, January 10, 2008

Magazine Photos to get you started

Sometimes new people to scrapbooking, want to have a go, but don't know what photos to use or don't have enough for a "mini album" at a workshop (for instance). Or as some do turn up for a workshop and either forget to bring or didn't realise they needed to bring along a handful of photos!

That's never a problem!

I usually have on my possession at a crop or workshop, a catalogue with the usual portraits of people showing off the wares of the company concerned. And some catalogues ( I have a number of children's ones come through whether I want them or not) are quite inventive with their photography - like group shots and landscapes visible.

Anyway, these photos can be cut out and used as a way to get beginners scrapbooking. It's worth taking another look at your catalogues and magazines, and gaining inspiration from their photographs, composition, etc. Because they are quite often NOT taking a picture of the person themselves, rather showing off a gadget, or clothes, etc. So you can get a different perspective on a subject.

The picture here is of some photos one of my newcomers cut out from a children's clothes mag I had, so that she could work on making pages for a booklet during the workshop.

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