Friday, January 11, 2008

In the Mirror 5x7 Album

I am in the process of making an album completely of a photo shoot I did with my daughter in the mirror, hence the title.

It is an album in progress at the moment, and I plan to trickle feed the pages as they are done. However, thought I might do a bit of "before and after", as I have roughly laid out the pages, but have yet to finish them, and it is always useful to see "the processes" that go on with the creation of these scrapbook pages.

Often you look at a page and say "Wow", forgetting that a page is an evolution. We sometimes look at layouts or albums and think that it was all "planned" like that, when in fact it quite often ended up that way accidentally!

How many times have you had to improvise an embellishment of some sort to cover up a mistak, eh?

So I will show you all the "nitty gritty" if I have made a mistake (which I do you know!! LOL) I'll show you what I did to improve the situation! Lots of TIPS for you!

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