Sunday, January 20, 2008

Watching Scrapbooking videos

I found an online craft tv website courtesy of one of my teammies on UKS. It was actually as we were in conversation about making a maze book. This link takes you to the “episode” about how to make a maze book, which is presented by Tricia Morris of The Scrapbook Lounge.

It is a high quality production and there is an archive you can look through to watch a number of video presentations. Now of course, they are promoting their own products, or rather what they are selling in their shop, but the videos are nevertheless very informative and easy to watch and I have recommended that my ScrapBuddies Crop ladies watch them.

We made maze books yesterday and I will post some pics (or a link to the pictures) tomorrow… as it is Monday and therefore “talk about albums day”!

For now this is my example maze book... he doesn't know it yet but it will be my hubby's valentine's day pressie!

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