Saturday, January 26, 2008

To make pages for a mini album take it step by step

This is another DPS (double page spread) in my "in the Mirror" album which is 5x7".

It is mostly made up but needs something else... and that is some journaling or words of some sort.

I decided that rather than sit and try to complete the DPS and then move on to the next pages, I would make them all up as the whim took me. And so I have some pages half made with post it notes on them with ideas.

This LO just has a note of ideas for words I could use, others have a note of a particular embellishment I remember I have and would be suitable.

Basically, when you embark on a mini album, make it with the whole end result in mind (all the pages). Flit from one set of pages to the next and back again as the mood takes you, and if you get stuck, or bored with a particular set of pages, move on to something else and just leave yourself any notes for when you come back to them later. There is no point in struggling on till you have finished those pages, as you won't be giving your creativeness the freedom it needs to make great scrapbooks.

That is why doing a timed challenge can sometimes back fire on you if you force yourself to create something in time to submit it before a deadline. So if you take on a challenge, make sure you're fired up about it first... "let the juices flow..."!

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