Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year... New Me!

Well I have come into 2008 with a bang! Full of enthusiasm for "out with the Old and in with the New" !!

If you are like me, (and I think it is a little bit of a prerequisite personality trait for a scrapbooker to be honest!) then you are a teensy bit of a hoarder... am I right?

Definitely for scrapbooking purposes do I keep things that I would normally have thrown, but then there are the clothes that I haven't worn for ages, and frankly forgotten I had because they are tucked behind some towels in the linen cupboard because there is little storage space in my house!

Christmas, or rather the aftermath, is one of the those times that tends to highlight how much we really do already have and just don't use, even though we thought it was a good idea at the time. I have to say that I have stopped buying clothes thinking to myself "I can take that bit in or I can shortened the legs!" I just don't buy it now unless it fits properly, because we never get around to it do we?!

Anyway... I have big plans for a massive clear out this weekend of my clothes and my daughters clothes and a few of her older toys, bearing in mind her birthday and christmas being within 2 weeks of each other means she has LOTS more!

But the biggest decision I have made, just today in fact, is to change my main business website over to Scrapbooking! That means creating a whole new website from scratch! which... yes... means a whole lot of extra work!

However, I plan to put up FREE TEMPLATES and FREE SKETCHES for both digital and traditional scrapbooking and useful information with links to other sites. I am currently in the process of designing a special little tool for scrapbookers to use to set their own challenges - (that's all the info I can give you on that one at the mo!)

I am also writing a SCRAPBOOKING FOR BEGINNERS ebook which will be available from there too.

So watch this space, as they say, as it will be here that I announce the new website's launch!

As for the photo... just thought a cheesy grin from my daughter might cheer a dreary winter's evening!

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