Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sketches for the masses

This is a sketch from the January collection of sketches at pagemaps.com.

I particularly like this site's sketches, because they are clear, there is an example layout with each one and you can download a pdf file of each months layout sketches p- and you can do it all for free!

We like free... don't we?!

Anyway... another reason why I particularly like this site is because the sketches are usually for more than one photograph, which a lot of "sketches" sites are not geared up to. The other sites are specialising more in the design of the page and (I think) often focusing on art for art's sake rather than the scrapbooking of photographs.

Let's face it we have loads and want to use loads! So here here for Pagemaps.com. It hits the mark when it comes to inspiring scrapbookers to use more photos per page!

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