Friday, January 18, 2008

Interactive Scrapbooking pages

Here is a link to an article about how to accommodate what I call "interactive" pages and what they call "lift the flap" pages, in an album with the usual page protectors. It's on the site.

Now, i'm not actually sure that I wan't to start cutting up my page protectors! But I suppose it's not so bad if the album in complete and you know the pages will not be changing order!

At the moment I have a number of Interactive layouts... I like tags and hidden journaling under flaps, or inside things. But at the moment, I just slip the whole page out to show people they "bits and pieces". But then I do constantly change my pages around as I take them as examples to my crop, so put the newest ones in first, etc. Now I do have more than one album, but you get my drift, I'm sure!

However, I still don't know if I would cut up my page protectors, even if I was giving the album as a gift, because I would still want to get the pages out to touch all the other "stuff" on the pages.

Yes, it can be a pain getting them in and out, but the fun of fiddling outways the slight inconvenience of that one pain in the neck brad that keeps catching as you slide your page in! LOL!

As you can see from the photographs here of a layout... this "pull out" line of photographs just wouldn't work through a hole in a page protector!

Still - it's an option worth thinking about if you like to keep things looking neat and tidy!

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